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Ultasound guided foam sclerotherapy

Ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy is a technique which is similar to injection sclerotherapy. During ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy the sclerosant is mixed with air to form a foam mixture.

Under ultrasound control this is then injected into the veins causing a reaction in the wall of the vein which closes the vein. Unlike injection sclerotherapy this technique can be used to treat larger veins.

Ultra guided foam sclerotherapy is a form of varicose vein therapy which is often used for treating varicose veins on patients who are unsuitable or unable to undergo varicose vein treatments such as surgery, laser ablation (EVLA or EVLT™) or radio frequency ablation (RFA), UGFS may be utilised alongside one of the other types of varicose vein treatment.

Some experts claim to obtain extremely good results using this technique, although the initial success is generally lower than both EVLA & RFA and recurrence of the varicose veins is more likely.

There are a number of possible complications with both types of sclerotherapy and these will be discussed with you during your assessment and consultation.