is a national network of surgeons, working with the specialist company Rostra Healthcare Group, founded to provide the best advice and treatment for all aspects of varicose vein problems.

Varicose Vein Treatments

Many of the available treatments for varicose veins treatments are used routinely within the National Health Service (NHS) and have received approval for use by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE).

If you are considering having your varicose veins treated then you should discuss the available treatments with your specialist and look at the guidance produced for each of the procedures by NICE. Copies of these publications will be available at each of the clinics and are available to download below.

All of the vascular specialists with are able to offer you all of the available treatment options and will discuss which is most suitable for your varicose veins. It is important that you consider each of the options and choose the varicose vein treatment which suits you and which is most likely to give you the best result.

The following descriptions are included as guidelines as they provide only basic information. They must not be used for any other purpose, each of the treatments will be discussed with you at a consultation by an expert in the field.